Customer: Align Technology
Brand/product: The right bite | Medicine
Range of operations: Specialist market and consumers

Cross-media marketing campaign throughout Germany on dental health with Matthias Sammer as the brand ambassador. Slogan: “The Right Bite”. Children and teenagers are invited along with their parents to participate in football camps that are held all across Germany. At these events, leading footballers and orthodontists stress on the importance of the right bite (proper alignment of the teeth).

The campaign follows three main objectives:

1. To create greater awareness among children, adolescents and parents for the importance of dental health and straight teeth.
2. To motivate orthodontists and provide them with the necessary marketing tools to enable them to easily integrate the aligners in their product range. And finally:
3. To convey social responsibility and credibility with the aim of consolidating not only the brand image in B2B and B2C marketing but also to convince opinion leaders and health insurance companies of the reliability and reputation of the provider and the priority that needs to be given to this issue.

Within a year, over 400 medical practitioners could be won over for the campaign and a corresponding number of cases were achieved. In addition, thanks to the PR activities, the campaign was able to generate 120 clippings and 19,5 million contacts in one year.

Implementation: Campaign logo, communication/promotional materials (marketing kits, posters, flyers, folders, etc.), website, social media activities (YouTube, Facebook), PR activities (press conferences, PR articles, etc.), organisation of events and equipment/facilities, video productions.