Harmonie –

Customer: Orthos GmbH
Brand/product: HarmonieSchiene | Medicine
Range of operations: Specialist market and consumers

In addition to customer care in above-the-line communications for a responsive website, we publish a dedicated corporate magazine for Orthos GmbH with a focus on the product HarmonieSchiene – a virtually invisible aligner. The magazine is available for distribution in around 3,500 dental practices. The edition has a circulation of 20,000 copies. We intend to increase circulation, expand distribution channels and integrate advertising partners with the aim of securing refinancing options for the project.

By including specialist topics on dental health, cosmetic dentistry and dentistry in general, in addition to conveying product-specific and editorial content, the aim of the magazine is to enhance customer retention between dental practitioners and manufacturers of orthodontic products.

The entire magazine including the editorial content is published in-house. Although only issued as a quarterly, the response to the magazine was so overwhelming that we had to increase the circulation from 15,000 to 20,000 copies within a span of just one year.

It’s great to see things work out.